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22 August 2017
Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure
“any expression of dissatisfaction whether oral or written, and whether  justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about that credit union’s provision of or failure to provide, a financial service activity”

1 Where a member, a potential member or a former member wishes to make a complaint against any aspect of the services provided by the credit union they should be actively encouraged and assisted to do so.

2 Upon joining the credit union every member shall receive a copy of the complaints handling procedure as part of their membership pack.  Further copies of the complaint procedure will be available on request.

3 Complaints can be made on either the complaints form available from the credit union branches and collection points or the registered office,  complaints can be made in writing, by telephone or in person at a the credit union branch.

4 The complaint will be investigated by the executive officers led by the chief executive who shall have the authority to settle complaints, none of the officers shall be involved in the matter that is the subject of the complaint.

5 The Chief Executive will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within five working days, giving the name and contact details of the person investigating the complaint and enclosing a copy of the complaint procedure.

6 The credit union will attempt to resolve adequately the matter of the complaint within eight weeks of its receipt, or shall explain in writing the reasons for any delay and indicate when a final response can be expected.  Where the complaint is of a financial nature the member must be informed that she/he may refer the complaint to the financial ombudsman if she/he is dissatisfied with the delay and must be sent a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service explanatory leaflet.

7 Where the credit union has made a final response to a complaint of a financial nature, the complainant shall be informed that they may refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months and a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service explanatory leaflet should be included with the final response.

8 Record of complaints will be kept for not less than three years.  The records shall include the name of the complainant, substance of the complaint, any correspondence between the credit union and the complainant and the resolution of the complaint.

9 The Credit Union shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all directors, officers and staff are aware of the complaints procedure and ensure that they act in accordance with it.

10 A notice will be displayed at the Registered Office confirming that the Financial Ombudsman Service covers the credit union.

Financial Ombudsman Service

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