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22 August 2017
Christmas Savings Accounts

We all know how difficult things can get as Christmas approaches and how tight finances can become, sometimes we all wish we'd planned our money better and put some away throughout the year to help with the expensive season. Well with us, you can. We offer our members a Christmas Savings Account which is locked from the 1st January through to the 1st November.


You can deposit any amount, at any time. Whether it is what you feel you can afford out of that week's benefit payment, or if you have some spare change on you or maybe you want to ensure you put money away and choose to have a transfer set up. By having a transfer set up the money is moved over into the account as soon as your funds hit your Primary Savings Account. Whatever the amount, it will soon build up by the time it gets to 1st November. Here's some examples of how much you could have in your Christmas Savings Account on the 1st November...
£1 a week = £43
£2 a week = £86
£5 a week = £215
£10 a week = £430
£20 a week = £860

£5 a month = £50
£10 a month = £100
£20 a month = £200
£50 a month = £500
£100 a month = £1000


The Christmas Savings Accounts are locked until the 1st November, which means you will not be able to withdraw as and when you wish, members will be able to have access from the 1st November. If you do fall into difficulty, or change your mind about the account you can withdraw the funds and close the account but you will be charged £10.

Christmas loans will still be available to apply for if your savings aren't quite enough. For further information you can contact the Customer Enquiry Line or ask at your local branch.

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