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22 August 2017
Primary Savings Accounts


A Primary Savings Account is a lot like a Current Account. It is the standard account you will receive the day you become a member with South Yorkshire Credit Union Ltd if you are aged 16 or over. You can have your wages and/or benefits paid into your Primary Savings Account, You can pay money in over the counter, set up an electronic payment, or if you wish to use your account with us a separate pot of money to save in you can send a standing order from your personal bank account which can build up in your account. There is no minimum deposit amount, you can deposit as little or as much as you wish.


On cash withdrawals there is a maximum daily withdrawal of £500 from this account, unless you have called in to your local Credit Union branch 24 hours in advance and had authorisation from the branch manager for more. We do not offer a Direct Debit facility, but we do allow members to have standing orders set up. If you pay various bills you may want to look at our Budget Account Service. There is no overdraft facility so you will have to ensure there is available funds to cover any standing order you set up. The Credit Union will not charge you if you don't have available funds and fail to make a payment unlike other banks.


Online and Phoneline Banking

You can see your account balance and make payments through our online banking, you can apply to set up as soon as you have become a member. You can also call our Customer Enquiry Line to make enquiries on your account balances and transactions.

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