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22 August 2017
About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a positive impact on individuals, families and communities living and working within our Common Bond by providing a range of accessible, affordable and quality credit union services, and so to improve people’s quality of life.

Our Purpose

South Yorkshire Credit Union Ltd is democratically run as a savings and loan co-operative that is owned and controlled by its members. People are encouraged to become members regardless of their beliefs, gender and abilities. Some of these members may have found borrowing difficult in the past from high street lenders because of a perceived stigma about certain local population areas or because they are unemployed or living on a low wage. We are committed to the alleviation of poverty within the community to contribute to the economic regeneration of the local community.


 Our aims are:

  • To become a viable and sustainable credit union with sound lending and investment policies.
  • To provide quality financial services and products on demand.
  • To encourage thrift by helping members to save on a regular basis, thereby building up a fund of money for their own benefit and that of members. 
  • To create a source of credit for the benefit of members at a fair and reasonable rate of interest.
  • To help members use their financial resources to the best possible advantage.
  • To work in partnership with other agencies, groups and organisations to deliver information, advice and debt related services.
  • To promote the welfare of individuals, families and the neighbourhood communities that it serves.
  • To work in partnership with other key agencies, stakeholders and community groups to ensure an inclusive and accessible credit union service is promoted and available to all.
  • To train and educate volunteers and members of staff in the successful management and operation of a credit union business, and where appropriate, to do this in partnership with other agencies, organisations and community groups.
  • To provide a range of additional services as an alternative to high cost providers.
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South Yorkshire Credit Union Limited is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. • Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority Ref No 213840. • Industrial and Provident Society Regulation No 675C • Registered Office: 70 Market Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 1SN